Home Rail news Heathrow rail link bid race worth £900m is delayed by two years

Heathrow rail link bid race worth £900m is delayed by two years

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The Western Rail Link to Heathrow that costs around £900m is delayed for tender call until summer 2022. Network Rail has delayed it due covid-19 impact. This summer was the scheduled procurement for three major packages, including a £550m twin bored 5km tunnel.

But with the shift in plans, Network Rail is calling on the industry to look at the revision of the whole procurement process, with a possibility of an alliance deal. Network Rail said “The current Covid-19 situation has adversely impacted the UK economy in general and the airline industry in particular.”

This move comes after the railway infrastructure company is stress testing its planned major works schemes for CP6 in a post-Covid world. In a Westminster Policy Forum last week, Network Rail System Operator managing director Paul McMahon told about the move.

The Network Rail will now take a look at the viability and the business cases for major projects. This is to see whether the projects are still justified in a world with lower demand.


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