Home Commercial News Kier to develop 13 school projects worth £170m

Kier to develop 13 school projects worth £170m

Kier succeeds Marylebone Square new-build worth £106m

The government of the UK focuses on development and refurbishment plans for school buildings. In this view, Kier has successfully gained a total of 13 school projects and will start working across England and Wales.

13 school projects

Below is the list of school projects that kier will be taking on with construction works:

  • Livingstone, Bournemouth (£28)
  • Dover Grammar School for Boys (£23m)
  • Barton Court Academy, Canterbury (£21m)
  • Stantonbury, Milton Keynes (£18m)
  • Addington Valley in Croydon (£15m)
  • Harris Academy Clapham (£15m)
  • Bishopston school, Swansea (£12m)
  • Tan-Y-Lan, Swansea (£10m)
  • Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr, Swansea (£7m)
  • Ysgol-Y-Graig, Merthyr Tydfil (£7m)
  • Whipton Barton, Exeter (£5m)
  • Park Hill, Croydon (£3m)
  • Haberdashers.

With a total expenditure of £170m, Kier will work on the mix of new constructions, conversions and renovation projects for schools. Besides, approximately 11, 300 students would be benefiting with these new facilities.

Educational facilities worth over £5bn in the last ten years will be the aggregate amount that Kier utilized including the listed projects that the firm takes up. So summing up all this critical data, the organization is said to be keen at delivering educational facilities projects.


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