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RVG looking to develop 30 new sites for retirement homes

Retirement Villages Group

Retirement Villages Group (RVG) which is backed by AXA is looking to develop at least 30 new sites in the next ten years. RVG is focusing affluent towns across England as demand is set to go down during the next decade for urban living.

The developer is promoting a new urban and ‘peri-urban’ living concept and brand. A new site in West Byfleet, Surrey is being acquired and the developer is looking for 1.5-acre minimum sites.  The search is in focus with the areas close to high quality amenities at the edge of towns or either in desirable town centres.

Marlow, Newbury, Winchester, Chichester and Eastbourne, and Walton-on-Thames are the target towns in the Home Counties. Cambridge, Chelmsford, and Newmarket are set to be focused areas in the east.

The northern areas include Wilmslow, Stratford-upon Avon, and York with target sites required. RVG is looking for stand-alone sites or to work with partners with whom it can develop and build schemes of up to 200 apartments in each town.

CEO of RVG, Will Bax said: “As a country we have to move now if we are going to build enough retirement homes of the right kind for the future. Forthcoming generations will prize independence, security and proximity to town centres more than any other. We are looking for sites and partners to help us create vibrant new urban communities that actively promote positive, independent ageing.”


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