Home Commercial News Scottish framework listed with 23 demolition firms

Scottish framework listed with 23 demolition firms

A total of 23 Scottish SMEs

A total of 23 Scottish SMEs will be working for an £18m contract and the list is sorted. The winning firms will be offering demolition and deconstruction services to all housing associations and local authorities.

The scheme involves design to help councils deliver planned demolitions and deconstruction as part of the Scotland Excel second-generation framework. This also helps in re-using materials from the demolitions.

The redesign of the updated framework includes deconstruction. This indeed is the major advantage of reusing materials in future construction projects. The plan is designed in a way that every supplier must recycle 95% of materials and set workers with a proper pay scale.

The bridges or monuments with emergency demolitions are put on quick response while they seem to be dangerous structures. A detailed discussion on response or safeguarding with a three hour or less response time has also been built into the framework.


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