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Highways England begins hunt for a partner

M25 junction works to take place at higher costs than expected

Highways England is in search for a partner for the £2 billion package contract to build the longest road tunnel in the UK. Being one of the most ambitious projects, the tunnel will be laid at the heart of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

The Thames in East London will be set to witness improvement in road journeys with the lower Thames crossing. The project covers 14.3 miles of new roads and features two 2.6 mile-long tunnels.

This project will be fulfilling much needed jobs in the infrastructure industry and expected to be starting in the next 18 months. The Tunnels and Approaches contract includes design and construction of twin road tunnels under the Thames.

The scope in construction also includes the approach roads, portal buildings, and the tunnel systems. The Tunnels and Approaches contract is the first of three main works contracts to be procured for the scheme.

The scheme’s planning application was submitted on 23rd October. The Planning Inspectorate now has 28 days to review the application. Besides, the Roads North and the A2 M2 contracts are expected to be revealed in early 2021.


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