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Imtech agrees £43m deal to buy Spie UK


Imtech, an M&E contractor, has agreed to pay £43 million to acquire rival Spie UK. By the end of this year, about 1,800 Spie employees will have new managers. Spie UK had almost £200 million in revenue last year, and since April, its French parent firm has been seeking a sale. Spie will leave altogether after the Imtech deal.

The combined UK businesses will experience strong growth under the ownership of Imtech, according to Gauthier Louette, Chairman & CEO of Spie. “Spie UK will have more opportunities under new shareholders, we have determined after a thorough strategic examination of our UK activities, he continued. Our British coworkers, who have continuously shown dedication and tenacity throughout the years, have our warmest wishes.”

CEO of SpieUK Limited, Rob Goodhew, stated: “Joining the operations of Imtech is a tremendous chance for us to capitalise on our strengths and further develop the business. Spie UK has developed cutting-edge knowledge that completely meets our clients’ needs.”


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